Relocation Services

Relocation ServicesTaking a contract in another city or making a more permanent career move is something that we work with every day.  The nature of SAP projects is that the best consultants will need to travel to gain more experience, learn about other SAP installs and sometimes relocate to accommodate the duration and often the distance for desired projects.

Whenever possible, consultants will take a position close to home and although it is a good choice, it is not always the best way to gain expertise or new knowledge.


We are knowledgeable about each city, province and state that we provide service within and we can help you find information for your new area.  Your resource manger will work one on one with you to source those details.


It is important for companies to realize that a consultant or permanent employee from another city may be the right option or fit for both the team and the project.  There are many options when selecting a traveling consultant when it comes to rates, travel schedules, or remote solutions.  Working with your resource manager will help evaluate these options

When hiring someone into a permanent position; there are also several options for relocation assistants programs that can be a win – win solution for both employee and employers.  These can include retention programs and bonus structures. Working with your resource manager will help evaluate these options.