Resumes Tips

Resumes TipsYour Resume is the first impression when looking for a job or contract. It is important that it reflects the facts and that those facts are professionally and accurately presented. Your resume will be read by both a person and a computer scanner system, so it does makes sense to include industry abbreviations and buzz terms as much as possible but to also include more detailed explanations; so not to assume your audience knows what they mean.

A consultant may have more than one version of their resume with the same facts but highlight different areas or responsibilities ie: a team lead resume and a team member resume.  There are various methods, formats and types of resumes. See more information of putting one together at:

There is a lot of information about resumes tips and resume writing on the Internet; they are all great – but can be very general.  The following list is specific advice within the Technology and SAP market:

Resumes should include:

  • Client information (verifiable company names, dates and places)
  • Chronological work history
  • A summary of the company and/or project you worked for
  • A summary of skill sets and profile
  • A description of skills, duties and experience for each  position (but not the same description for each position)
  • Education and training section (includes dates attended and  when you completed the program)
  • Reference section – available upon request (your references should be managers and credible to speak about your skills and strengths)
  • A Senior level consultant should have a 5 – 10 page resume (not longer)

Should not include:

Personal information such as age, marital status, nationality, etc.

Please contact your resource manager for a more detailed review of your individual resume.