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Most industries have different and various rules about resumes, application protocols and hiring normalcy

We are SAP staffing experts, with industry insight and knowledge

Before we present you into our client, we will discuss, review, edit and will make recommendations in order to make the best representation of you and your skill sets

For example, you might receive incorrect advice on LinkedIn, such as:

  • Do not use Acronyms on resumes
  • Don’t ever send more than a 2 page resume
  • Always attach a cover letter
  • Never talk about rates / salaries

With Information Technology and more specifically SAP, things are a bit different:

  • SAP itself is an acronym
  • In SAP or IT – a resume with up to 5 pages is typical
  • No cover letter is needed, as most introductions are done via email
  • we will have open and honest rate discussions with you about acceptable rates and or salary ranges for our clients

To be informed of the latest job opportunities

We treat each application in strict confidence and will not send out or submit your resume to a position without your prior knowledge and acceptance. We require a MS Word attachment for our database and any additional information about your desired position requirements is welcome. Thanks in advance for your interest and application; we look forward to working with you.

To learn about new job opportunities send your resume and you will be notified of up-in-coming and new roles.

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